Chronographer is a smart, time tracking software for Windows. A time-unlimited, fully functional version is available for download as part of the BETA. For continued use, a license must be purchased.

Download Setup.exe BETA
Latest Version 0.8.5742.26637
.NET Framework 4.6 required

How did I spent my time?

Often time flies by and after a workday you ask yourself:

"What did I do today?"

"What took me so long?"

"What did I work on last monday?"

These are the kind of questions that Chronographer is trying to answer for you.

What did I do today?

Chronographer tracks the time you've spent in each of your applications and displays them in a simple treeview.

Additionally, every window is tracked separately, allowing you to drill down into the each apps usage.

What took me so long?

You can sort the applications according to the time you've spent using them today.

That way you can easily see what tasks took the longest and how much time exactly you've spent on it.

What did I work on last monday?

If you want to know on what you worked last week or last month, you can use the history view and simply select a date from the past.

Works offline

The look and feel of a fast and responsive native Windows Application, instead of a slow Web Application.

You've got data that is updated in realtime, the option to start Chronographer at boot and use it's flexible docking window layout system.

And it works offline as well!

Export your data

You can Export the data to a CSV file by specifying a date or date range.

This way you are able to process it using your favourite spreadsheet application like Excel, Calc or q.

Your Data belongs to you

Your data stays on your system, it's not transmitted to a third party server.

That way you stay in full control of your private data.

You can easily make a backup by copying a single file and it's equally easy to delete your data should you choose to - as it is all on your disk.


Not a SaaS

There is no subscription plan and therefore no monthly recurring payments.

You can keep using the software as long as you like.

Download Setup.exe
Latest Version 0.8.5742.26637
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