Dotnet CLI Cheatsheet


I’ve created a cheat sheet for the dotnet cli in different colors. It’s available as a pdf file that you can download at the bottom of the page.

Dotnet Commandline Interface

Being a fan of Visual Studio, I’ve neglected learning the dotnet commandline interface in the beginning when dotnet core came out. But now, after having setup the CI for a couple of projects, I was forced to leave my familiar and cushy Visual Studio and venture into commandline land.

Now that I’ve returned from this mouse-less land, I wanted to write down the commands that I needed more often in case someone else - like future me - may find it useful.

Because I’ve previously created a cheat sheet for the docker cli I already had all the resources to more or less quickly generate a new cheat sheet at my disposal, so without further ado: Here is my take take on a dotnet cheatsheet.

Dotnet Cheat Sheets

Last updated 6/28/2019 9:23:30 PM
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